Why Would I Need a Microcurrent Treatment?

If you are recommending microcurrent facials as part of your treatment plan for a client (or if you are a client who has heard about this treatment) the question we will inevitably face is, "why would I need a microcurrent facial?" The answer will most likely vary based on the client's overall skin concerns, but never forget these three key benefits of microcurrent treatments.

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Did you know that the anti-aging market is expected to be valued at over $330 MILLION by year 2021? This number explains why one of the biggest concerns of any client walking into the aesthetician room is to prevent the signs of aging. But what makes microcurrent a must-have treatment is that it is one of the most effective, non-invasive anti-aging methods. Advanced microcurrent machines physically firms and tones the skin through sub-sensory muscle re-education. In other words, you should not feel pain, twitching or contraction of the muscles.

Image by: Lisa Sean of Advanced Skin Care using Myolift


Microcurrent is all about increasing the adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the energy inside the skin cell. We talked about this more in our blog “What to Know Before You Get a Microcurrent Facial”. As we age ATP is depleted, which means there is a reduction in the light and energy of the skin. So, with advanced microcurrent treatments we increase the ATP in the skin cell. This helps bring energy back into the skin so that instead of absorbing light our skin can reflect it & provide that stunning glowy appearance in skin tone we all hope for.


It’s important to recognize that microcurrent treatments don’t just work on the muscles of the face but also work to treat the skin. The electrical current from microcurrent is being pushed into the skin to deliver the current and as it does it pushes products deeper into the skin. This is precisely why we designed our dual-action conductive treatment gels. These gels not only improve conductivity of the microcurrent facial treatment but address unique skin conditions to help improve dry, oily or aging skin. But other products like hydrating serums will be pushed deeper into the skin with the help of microcurrent treatments. If you are doing a microcurrent treatment for at least 30 minutes, you are helping products work on a deeper level.

Image by: Esthetics by Brenna

Microcurrent facial treatments help address an array of skin concerns. We recommend you work diligently with your client or aesthetician to identify ultimate skin goals and use microcurrent facial treatments cumulatively for maximizing your results when it comes to anti-aging benefits, evening skin tone, acne treatment, scar reduction, product penetration and more!

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