The Hero with 1000 Facemasks: Part 5

My favorite addiction!

Nothing in skincare is more addictive than face masks for an Esthetician…. deciding which one to use can be a daunting task! And this is not true only for us skincare professionals, but for consumers as well. My short answer is, why choose? If they are of high quality…use them all!

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Gel Masks (brush on):

Gel masks are another must have staple for the professional esthetician. Most gel masks are designed for sensitive, dehydrated skin or oily, acne prone skin. Often they are soothing, calming and cooling and contain hydrating ingredients to immediately make the surface of the skin soft and moist. Gel mask can also contain potent ingredients like antioxidants to improve the health of the skin. These masks are extremely easy to remove since they don’t harden or leave much of a film on the surface. I like to remove these with damp cotton pads rather than with wet towels since I want to keep the surface of the skin as moist as possible. These can also be removed with a rounded spatula wand. They wipe off nicely like a soft icing! Clients love to use these at home since they are easy to apply and easy to remove.


Professional use and retail sale


Most, but great for sensitive, dehydrated or oily prone.


  1. Pro Only – DermAesthetics Aloe Response Masque
  2. Pro Only – Circadia Snow Algae and Spirulina Cooling Mask
  3. Retail and Pro – NatPure Strawberry Kiwi Gel Masque
  4. Retail and Pro – ilike Rose Petal Gel Mask
  5. Retail and Pro – LIRA Hydrating Mineral Masque

Topical Light Infusion Masks:

These masks are infused by specific waves of light emitting diodes. Topical Light Infusion is the light-based facial infusion technology available from LightWave. Unlike traditional LED light therapy, TLI’s active facial infusion systems are intended to combine colors of light and photo energy with topicals to directly affect the tissue being treated. TLI uses specific doses of visible light energy to propel photon energy into various layers of the skin. Most topical light infusion masque treatments to take around 30 minutes (not including the 20 minutes for pre and post treatment during the service). This therapeutic masque service is quite relaxing and creates a euphoric effect usually lasting throughout the day. Their formulas include options for brightening, anti-aging, anti-blemish, and body and face firming and lifting. This therapy is a professional only service and can dramatically enhance your topical light treatments. These masks and formulas have been specifically tested with the LightWave system so I cannot attest to the results with other light sources.


Pro-Use Only


All (follow manufacturers directions and recommendations).


  • Lightwave TLi Peptide Pro Nutrient Mask
  • Lightwave TLi Plumping Hydration Gel Mask

And that ends Part 5 of The Hero with 1000 Facemasks. Check back soon for Part 6: Magnet & Sleeping Masks!

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