The Hero with 1000 Facemasks: Part 6

My favorite addiction!

Nothing in skincare is more addictive than face masks for an Esthetician…. deciding which one to use can be a daunting task! And this is not true only for us skincare professionals, but for consumers as well. My short answer is, why choose? If they are of high quality…use them all!

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Magnet Masks:

Magnet masks typically contain skin care ingredients and iron particles that are removed by a powerful magnet wand. The magnet removal process is believed to help to draw out skin’s impurities and free radicals from the skin while improving overall cellular health. They use iron particles to create small microcurrents in the skin that are supposed to help with healing and restoring the healthy function of aging skin cells. While seeming like a new fad, magnet healing therapy actually dates back centuries and has been used for many healing applications. It’s important to note that a thin film is often left on the skin after the magnet pulls the masks particles off the skin. This leaves the skin dewy and moist looking, making it ideal for people looking for an instant glow.


Increasing Retail Revenue


Dry, mature, environmentally damaged skin, congested or smokers’ skin.


Jaseongmiin Magnet Mask Pack

Sleep Masks:

These indulgent masks are designed to wear overnight while you sleep. In many cases, sleep mask often include a thicker-formulated moisturizer. They are designed to deeply nourish the skin throughout the night. I love using a hydrating sleep mask, especially during the winter months to help combat surface dryness. This mask is also ideal after the skin is exposed to harsh, dry air, such as airplane travel making it an ideal retail product during the winter and for clients who travel often. In the morning you will cleanse skin and apply your normal morning routine.


Retail would be the logical choice but remember you can also apply this as a last step on your client if you are performing services in the later half of the day so she can wear it home and enjoy the benefits overnight.


All (follow manufacturers directions and recommendations).


SAIAN Botanical Stem Cell Sleeping Mask

And that ends Part 6 of The Hero with 1000 Facemasks. Check back soon for Part 7: Sheet Masks!

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