The Hero with 1000 Facemasks: Part 3

My favorite addiction!

Nothing in skincare is more addictive than face masks for an Esthetician…. deciding which one to use can be a daunting task! And this is not true only for us skincare professionals, but for consumers as well. My short answer is, why choose? If they are of high quality…use them all!

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Silicone Masks:

This is a unique concept in mask therapy because silicone masks are actually made to be used for both compression therapy and intense hydration. The concept with these re-usable silicone masks are that you apply your treatment/mask products over the skin then apply the silicone mask on the top of them creating an enhanced barrier. Some come with ear loops others just have nose, mouth and eye cut outs. You can also apply a steamed towel over the silicone for enhanced results (of course, make sure your client has an opening for an easy flow of air so they don’t get claustrophobic.) The warmth created from the occlusion of the silicone with increase blood flow will stimulate the skins natural detoxifying process. The skin is also able to absorb the key ingredients of the products during this treatment. (This technique gives you some of the benefits of performing a paraffin facial without the mess.) While silicone masks are available through retail sources, I suggest making this a professional service so you can be the one deciding on the appropriate products to apply under the silicone and can monitor the duration and heat temperature for best therapeutic benefits. Your expertise is why they are coming to you.


Professional services


Dry, dehydrated and mature tolerant skin types


DERMAMED Solutions Silicone Mask

Cream Masks:

If I had to pick my “go to” mask for myself, I would pick a cream mask. I love applying cream mask over my skin (and my client’s skin) with a soft natural facial fan brush OR an oval synthetic facial brush. It just feels so nice to apply and gives me much professional satisfaction during a professional service. I feel there is an art to the cream mask application, and I paint over the skin like I am painting a fine piece of art…I usually stand back and revel in my accomplishment and touch up areas to make it look picture perfect. Oh please, don’t even laugh….youhave all done the same thing! With that said, I also love the versatility of cream masks and the way the skin looks and feels after removal. Many cream masks contain oils and serums that leave the skin moist and hydrated. Ideally, they are suggested for aging, dry, dehydrated and mature skin types but I have seen some wonderful cream masks designed for oily skin and acne conditions. I often find that cream masks contain ingredients to help repair barrier function and all skin conditions can benefit from that aspect. The key is to read your ingredient deck carefully and look at the manufacturers suggestion as relates to skin types. Cream masks will not harden or dry up on the skin making them easy to remove with moist cotton pads or soft steamed towels.


Both Retail and Back Bar


All (read ingredients and manufactures suggestions)


(really, I have so many) but for simplicity sake I will just list a few

  1. Epionce Enriched Firming Mask
  2. Institut DERMed Renewing Mask
  3. Hale & Hush Hush Hydrate Mask
  4. GlyMed Plus Anti-Aging Exfoliating Masque

And that ends Part 3 of The Hero with 1000 Facemasks. Check back soon for Part 4: Clay/Mud & Traditional Enzyme!

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