The Hero with 1000 Facemasks: Part 2

My favorite addiction!

Nothing in skincare is more addictive than face masks for an Esthetician…. deciding which one to use can be a daunting task! And this is not true only for us skincare professionals, but for consumers as well. My short answer is, why choose? If they are of high quality…use them all!

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Peel Off Masks:

Peel Off Masks are fun by design but, in reality, I believe best used for retail. These masks are applied using a viscous type gel that spreads evenly over the skin to create a thin film. It can be applied with fingertips or with a synthetic brush. Once the film sets on the skin (10-15 minutes) the mask can be pulled off by peeling up an edge and then puling mask off. (The idea being to pull off in one sheet but I have yet to accomplish that trick myself. Lol.) The formulas are varied and as such many different skin conditions can be treated with peel off masks. I personally have found that very sensitive or extremely dry skin or persons with extra facial hair might not enjoy the removal process so be certain your client can tolerate the tugging on the skin during mask removal. Now, with that said, you “can” absolutely use these for professional services and many estheticians do, but I am just speaking to my preference.




Tolerant skin types


  1. Anna Lotan Pro Copper Peel Off Mask

Paraffin Masks:

One of my absolute favorite treatments for dry or dehydrated skin is a Paraffin mask. I have used them in my clinical services for decades. The soothing heat from the mask relaxes the skin’s follicles and provides a deeply comforting treatment that also encourages the release of toxins. The warm paraffin wax applied to the skin also helps the blood vessels expand and therefore enhances circulation, bringing healing nutrients to the surface and flushing toxins out of the skin. This treatment feels awesome and yields wonderful results. Paraffin mask can be easily applied to skin by brushing paraffin over a gauze sheet mask that is applied to skin first. You can also apply active serums on the skin under the paraffin to maximize the results for your client. I see this as a professional only service and would not suggest clients attempting anything like this at home. Of course, this is an add on service which allows you to increase your service price for the extra time and benefits this will yield the client.


Professional Only


Dry, dehydrated, mature or congested skin.


  1. Amber Products Facial Paraffin System

And that ends Part 2 of The Hero with 1000 Facemasks. Check back soon for Part 3: Silicone & Cream Masks!

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