The Hero with 1000 Facemasks: Part 1

Mar 25, 2019

My favorite addiction!

Nothing in skincare is more addictive than face masks for an Esthetician…. deciding which one to use can be a daunting task! And this is not true only for us skincare professionals, but for consumers as well. My short answer is, why choose? If they are of high quality…use them all!

From a market point of view, we are bombarded with so many facial mask options that it is important for us to keep in mind the difference between pro only masks for services and marketable masks for retail to increase our revenue. The EC loves to provide our members with options for both professional services and for retail revenue. I am often asked why we include retail options and pro-only products. The answer is quite simple….your clients are buying retail masks. Period. They are either going to buy them from you or buy them from someone else…maybe even from a competitive spa in your neighborhood. Listen, I get it, I agree 100% that PRO-ONLY masks are the best products to use during your services and will provide the maximum results for clients. However, it’s important to keep in mind a few points: (1) some services may require a less active mask based on the protocol steps performed prior to the mask application, and (2) since you cannot (and should not) retail your professional backbar products it’s ideal to have retail options for your valued clients.

Let’s look at a just a few different types of masks that can add variety in the services you provide, increase your retail numbers, and, most importantly, meet the consumer demands of your clientele to provide the best overall esthetic experience. And for our non-professional Wellness & Skincare Aficionados reading, this can give you some things to recommend to your estheticians and skincare providers.

Alginate Masks:

Alginate based peel off masks typically contain concentrated ingredients that are activated once you mix the gel solution with a powder formula. The key ingredients are delivered into the skin while the mask solidifies into a rubber like substance. The skin immediately feels refreshed, cool, soothed and firmer when mask is removed. Many of these masks have formulas that help to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, fight free radicals and aging, increase oxygen supply to the skin as well as many other benefits. It's important to add that you can even apply the mask over the eyes and lips, which reaches areas that traditional mask cannot be applied. Many even have the ability to actually lower the temperature of your skin by up to 10ºF which provides an anti-edema drainage effect. This helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes giving the client a beautiful result. Alginate masks are excellent for back bar service because they require some practice and skill to perform and the client is often quite impressed (and enamored) with the process of application and removal.


Back Bar Professional Services


Most skin conditions will qualify for this treatment based on the formula you choose (be sure to read ingredients and manufacturers suggestions).


  1. Casmara Gold Alginate Mask
  2. Casmara Goji Alginate Mask
  3. Casmara Sensitive Alginate Mask
  4. France Laure Calm Alginate Mask

Lace Masks:

Lace masks have really made some headway into the Esthetic Landscape and I must say…they certainly are pretty! Some lace masks are made of actual lace and are drenched in healthy skin ingredients and are often re-usable for another treatment or two. What you may not know is that some lace masks are designed specifically as a compression therapy facial treatment and have the added benefits of having the mask compressed tightly on the skin during the application. The thought here is that the gentle compression forces the ingredients into the skin better than just having the mask lay over surface of the skin. The theory makes sense since compression therapy has been used in medical settings for decades. I also like the idea of having a loop around my ear to keep the mask on while I bounce around the house doing my daily activities. Now, not all lace masks utilize compression therapy so if you are looking for the benefits of both make sure the mask has the loops for the ears and strap for the jaw area.


Both Retail and backbar. As this mask is therapeutic and quite marketable, I suggest being open to both avenues. If applied during the service, you can fold lace up, place back in serum pouch and give to client to take home for a second application.


All skin types can benefit from lace masks


  1. Brightening Bearberry Lace Your Face Masks from Dermovia
  2. Smoothing Peptides Lace Your Face Masks from Dermovia