The Estheticians Guide: Adding waxing to your practice ❤️

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Estheticians, beauty students and salon owners alike, have all noticed the increasing waxing trends of 2022!

More people than ever are getting waxed, and the increasing demand is steering Estheticians to ask themselves… Should I start waxing now too, or add it to my practice?

Watching social media get taken by storm with waxing videos, demos, glitter, it’s hard to know where to even start. It’s no question, these services gain a lot of attention and we all know why! The unconventional world of Body waxing has everyone talking about taking a trip to Brazil! 😂

So, you want to start waxing… That’s a brilliant idea! Highly profitable, fast turnaround times, and reoccurring clientele monthly! 

But where do you start? 

Hard Wax Solutions has created a quick guide for estheticians looking to add waxing to their list of services or salon owners to implement this service at their practice!

– Step 1: Proper Set Up & Supplies 

Waxing is a service that is best performed in a separate room where clients can be comfortable. Let’s face it, waxing can be pain free depending on circumstances, but can also be uncomfortable and privacy is key when performing a less than comfortable service. 

List of Supplies to get started:

  1. Waxing Bed / Treatment bed
  2. Waxing Pad – (You’ll be so glad you got this one.)
  3. Double Wax Warmer – (A double will allow you to try hard / soft / waxes or warm sugar if you so choose to go that route. As you gain business and recurring clientele you have the option to upgrade warmers to larger, high-capacity performance warmers.)
  4. 500-1000 Large and Small Waxing sticks, no double dipping! 🙂
  5. Pre / Post Waxing Products – Having pre waxing cleansers to clean the skin is essential for your most effective wax. Non-comedogenic oils are also helpful to hydrate hairs before a wax, as hair breakage can cause stubble after the wax. Post wax products are the products that will be most beneficial for your client after the wax is completed.
  6. Gloves (Nitrile preferred), cotton pads, muslin strips, small hair scissors, tweezers (needle nose and slanted), corn starch, and trash can. 

– Step 2: Waxing Education

It is essential to properly familiarize yourself as an esthetician with proper waxing technique for all types of hair / skin. This service can be uncomfortable at times, and pain management should be a top priority!

Consider a hands-on class with a waxing instructor, and follow up with waxing tutorials to help tweak and perfect your technique.

– Step 3: Advertise for models 

In this specific industry, practice makes perfect! The more models you can get your hands on and practice your new service, will only ensure a better wax each and every time. Also consider implementing a sitting fee of ($10-$25) dollars for your time and supplies. 

Doing these 3 things will be the easiest way to add this service to your practice and become the best waxer you can be.  

Regardless of your motivation behind entering into the popular waxing world, Hard Wax Solutions has your solution to helping each and every one of you become an expert in your craft!

Article by Ivana Rivera, Hard Wax Solutions Founder + Esthetician & Wax Specialist

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