(Third) Eye Jade Mask

Size: 1 Piece
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I double dare you to wear Wicked Earth’s (Third) Eye Jade Mask and not feel more centered and rejuvenated. Our masks help to relieve sinus issues, close pores, reduce puffiness, and lessen wrinkles. Intricately woven from high quality jade stone, this mask is the perfect treat(ment) to all three of your eyes.

The third eye has been connected to perception, awareness, and spiritual communication. When opened, the third eye chakra can provide wisdom and insight, as well as deepen your spiritual connection. We simply want to be one step in this journey, if that is your goal. In any case, you and your eyes will feel amazing.

Experience this goddess-level treat(ment) by placing the (Third) Eye Jade Mask on top of an eye area already covered with a combination of Wicked Earth’s revitalizing Mana Mist hydrating essence and our nurturing Yara Facial Oil. Then, after 10 to 15 minutes of mindful rest, remove the (Third) Eye Jade Mask and finish by applying peptide-rich ‘Initiation Serum’ followed by Dream Cloud Dew moisturizer.

Also works great in conjunction with our other jade beauty tools, including the Goddessha Stone, the Goddess Roller, and the (WE) Face Jade Mask. (We recommend cleaning your (Third) Eye Jade Mask in antibacterial soap and warm water for at least 40 seconds. Pat dry with soft cloth. Store in refrigerator.)

Jade stone has been used around the world as a healing tool for centuries. In Spain, jade was called ‘Piedra de Hijada’ (or Stone of the Loin in English) for its healing properties; South American shamans believed jade could treat kidney and adrenal gland disorders; the Chinese have long revered jade stone for its physical and emotional healing; in India the 3,000 year old practice of Ayurveda uses jade to balance the heart chakra. And now we are utilizing this powerful + mystical gift from the earth for its skincare benefits.

“The eyes are the window to your soul.” -William Shakespeare

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