Radio Frequency (RF) Device

Size: 1 Unit
Professional Use Only

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Radio Frequency or RF is a high-frequency electro-magnetic wave that inputs electromagnetic energy into the dermal layers of the skin. The treatment stimulates the dermis by heating the collagen to 45~60 ℃, thus activating collagen shrinkage which helps to re-generate thickness and density to the skin. Simply put… it’s thermal energy!
Ideal for a stand-alone 30-minute treatment or as a 10-minute add-on to your traditional facial treatments.


Radio Frequency: 500 kHz, Infrared 800nm
Includes a 2-year warranty


– Electromagnetic energy activates collagen shrinking and rejuvenates skin
– Shown to help tighten and lift loose skin to contour face
– Thermal effect could improve the micro-circulation, accelerating the metabolism, keeping skin smooth, elastic, and hydrated.
– RF helps improve the penetration of skincare products
– The wavelength of infrared is 880 nm, it’s invisible to the eye. It penetrates deep into the skin and generates thermal energy, which activates cells, promoting blood circulation and metabolism
– Innovative multi-point RF treatment probes help output RF energy to effectively rejuvenate skin
– Portable and cordless making it easy to carry and use anywhere
– Low/Medium/High level options


STEP 1 Cleanse and exfoliate the face.
STEP 2 Apply conductive product.
STEP 3 Turn on the device to the desired setting
STEP 4 Always keep RF unit moving. Perform slow upward movements starting under the chin and moving out and up the face. You may also do small round or looping movements if you prefer. You are sculpting so really look at your client’s face and sculpt it! NOTE: Your hand must be touching your client to close the current. You will notice that you will not see the red light if the current isn’t closed.
STEP 5 You may use LED or hydrating mask after RF treatment. Can be a stand-alone 30-minute treatment
or a a10-minute add-on to any other facial treatment. Can be performed once a week for 6 to 8 weeks.


– Must be used with a conductive product
– Must have your hand touching the client to close the current (Red light on the device appears with a proper connection)
– Inductive design, the treatment probes only work when touching the skin making it energy-saving


There needs to be a product on the skin to conduct the modalities. You may use any water-based gel or high moisture content product for conduction. Remember that you are driving the product deep into your skin so you don’t want to use something with inferior ingredients! You may apply any serum on the skin before applying your conductive product. Please follow the directions given to you by your licensed professional.

Use the Wave in Ion+ mode over any cleanser for a deep cleanse. Use for 2 to 3 minutes.

Use the Wave in the remaining modes for product penetration and lifting for 5 to 10 minutes on each side of the face.


Apply product to half of the face and neck working that half first for 5 to 10 minutes. Your movements will be upward starting on the lower neck. Make your movements slow with a pause at the end. No need to put pressure, just glide the unit. When finished with the first half of the face apply the product to the second half and repeat. Watch the full video *coming soon* showing movements on the full face.

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