CIDESCO Salon/Spa Member

$180.00 / year and a $220.00 sign-up fee

This is the full $400 Membership ($180 for Dues and $220 for sign up). Prior to purchasing this product, you must complete and purchase the CIDESCO Spa / Salon Membership Application + Inspection ($99 – link below). Provided your application is approved and you pass the inspection you will be able to purchase this full Membership. See details below.


The CIDESCO Spa / Salon Membership is open to the country’s top locations.


*Note, you should have already completed Steps 1, 2, and 3 below and this is the purchase described in Step 4.


Membership Process:

Step 1. Complete and purchase the CIDESCO Spa / Salon Membership and Virtual Inspection Application ($99) here;

Step 2. Once your application is reviewed, we will reach out via email to schedule the virtual inspection of your location with you (performed via a Zoom Meeting, Facetime, or similar with a CIDESCO representative);

Step 3. Upon passing the virtual inspection (the $99 fee allows for two (2) opportunities to pass the inspection) you will then be emailed that you are approved to purchase the CIDESCO Spa / Salon Membership;

Step 4. Upon purchase of the CIDESCO Spa / Salon Membership ($400 for Year 1 ($180.00 for annual dues + $220.00 initial sign-up fee) you will be given access to your CIDESCO USA Benefits page!

Total cost for Year 1:


$99 (Application + Inspection Fee) *Purchasing the Application + inspection product does not confer membership

+$400 (this Full Membership Fee – $180 Dues and $220 Sign Up)

= $499 Total Year 1


*Each renewal year shall be $180 (auto renewal). *You can cancel upcoming renewals at any time on your Account Page. ALL SALES ARE FINAL



There are a number of benefits to becoming an Spa / Salon Member of CIDESCO USA, including:

  • Use of the CIDESCO logo in accordance with the applicable rules.
  • Your official acknowledgement as an accredited CIDESCO Salon / Spa and the right to refer to its CIDESCO USA Accreditation in its communication with its clients and with other third parties, including on their marketing material.
  • A certificate of CIDESCO Accreditation from CIDESCO International.
  • An optional plaque certifying that they are CIDESCO accredited (involves additional cost).
  • Listed on the CIDESCO International website with the link to Spa.
  • Exposure on CIDESCO International social media across all social media channels.
  • Access to CIDESCO educational materials including training videos and webinars.
  • Listed on Esthetician Connection CIDESCO USA webpage with link to Spa.
  • Invitations for your employees to enter the CIDESCO Global Awards Competition.
  • Included in the Newsletter sent to CIDESCO Members globally.
  • Subscription to the CIDESCO LINK Magazine full of member news and industry updates.
  • Opportunity to attend the annual CIDESCO World Congress Workshops and Training Seminars.
  • Exchange of professional knowledge via events and exhibitions.


Benefits subject to change at anytime.


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