CIDESCO Salon/Spa Member Application + Inspection Fee

This product is the $99 CIDESCO USA Spa / Salon Member Application + Inspection Fee. See full details below. *NO REFUNDS*


*Note, this is the $99 purchase described in Step 1 below. This is ONLY for Application and Virtual Inspection, it does not confer Membership.


Membership Process:

Step 1. Complete and purchase the CIDESCO USA Spa / Salon Member Application + Application Fee ($99);

Step 2. Once your application is reviewed, we will reach out via email to schedule the virtual inspection of your location with you (performed via a Zoom Meeting, Facetime, or similar with a CIDESCO representative);

Step 3. Upon passing the virtual inspection (the $99 fee allows for two (2) opportunities to pass the inspection) you will then be emailed that you are approved to purchase the CIDESCO Spa / Salon Membership;

Step 4. Upon purchase of the CIDESCO Spa / Salon Membership (breakdown below) you will be given access to your CIDESCO USA Benefits page!


*Total cost breakdown for Year 1:


$99 (this Application + Inspection Fee) *You are NOT committed to purchasing Membership by purchasing the $99 application)
+$400 (Membership – $180 Annual Dues + $220 Sign Up Fee)
=$499 Year 1


*Each renewal year shall then only be $180 (auto renewal). You can cancel upcoming renewals at any time on your Account Page. Please note, there are no refunds on orders.


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