CIDESCO Individual

You can only purchase this Membership (via Sign Up Now button) provided your application has been approved and you have passed the 20 Question Exam (both available at no charge here). See details below.


The CIDESCO Individual Membership is open to the country’s top estheticians. *Application approval and exam required.



Membership Process:


Step 1. Complete the CIDESCO Individual Membership Application and pass the Exam (both available at no charge here);

Step 2. Once your application is approved via email, you will then be able to purchase the CIDESCO USA Individual Membership ($299 per year);

Step 3. Upon purchase you will be given access to your CIDESCO USA Benefits page!


Benefits subject to change at anytime. ALL SALES FINAL. Upon purchase, you will be charged $299 per year (auto renewal). *You can cancel upcoming renewals at any time on your Account Page.



There are a number of benefits to becoming a CIDESCO Individual Member, including:

  • Receive a pin identifying yourself as a member in good standing of CIDESCO Section USA
  • Digital badge identifying yourself as a member in good standing of CIDESCO Section USA
  • Dermascope digital subscription
  • Free Admission to ABS show in Chicago
  • Digital subscription to CIDESCO LINK online magazine for global industry updates
  • 10% discount on all CIDESCO section USA sponsored education (trade shows and online)
  • Your membership will be posted on the CIDESCO USA social media
  • Listing in CIDESCO USA monthly newsletter




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