CIDESCO Diploma in Aromatherapy Massage & Spa Treatments

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Includes Textbook, lecture notes, Starter Aromatherapy kit (Value $400)




Start Date: March 6, 2023

Test Date: August 28, 2023






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With the renewed, widespread client interest in wellbeing and stress management, now is the perfect time to incorporate aromatherapy treatments into your repertoire of skills. Aromatherapy helps balance the mihttps://youtu.be/kZ0P1labsUInd and tonify parts of the body and can be incorporated into skincare, nail care, body treatments, massage, and mani-pedi treatments. Aromatherapy increases the value of your services and makes you an expert upon whom your clients can rely for reliable, science-based advice in the use of essential oils for the support of their wellbeing.


The 440-hour CIDESCO Aromatherapy Massage & Spa Treatments course is of the highest caliber in beauty & spa and will allow you to differentiate yourself with a niche skill that answers the current market trends. Full participation qualifies you to sit for the prestigious CIDESCO Aromatherapy Diploma examinations. You will learn to apply the wellness principles of aromatherapy to spa, massage, and skincare in a professional spa or beauty business, as well as acquire in-depth knowledge of the true benefits of essential oils for the safest and most effective aromatherapy treatments possible. Your course will cover:


  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Hygiene & sanitation
  • Introduction to organic chemistry
  • Introduction to physics
  • Topics in dermatology
  • Basic business studies
  • Practical experience
  • History of spa & aromatherapy
  • Chemistry, effects, & benefits of aromatherapy
  • Aromatherapy treatment consultation & planning
  • Skin analysis
  • Essential oil blending for professional treatments
  • Aromatherapy massage treatments
  • Aromatherapy safety and contraindications


*Post-graduate option: Graduates of the CIDESCO Beauty Therapy diploma are only required to complete the last 100 hours of the course and course project.


Due to course participation requirements, this course is not appropriate for certain individuals:

  • Those who have very sensitive skin
  • Those who have a sensitivity to odors (headache, migraine, light-headedness, etc.)
  • Those who frequently experience adverse reactions to cosmetic ingredients or products
  • Those who are pregnant
  • Those who have contraindications to massage treatments







CIDESCO Aromatherapy Massage & Spa Treatment candidates will spend 16-18 hours in classes per week during weeks 1-14, plus crucial self-directed study and reading time between classes. It is possible to work part-time during this portion of the course with careful and disciplined time management. The daily classes held at TEI over week 15 will be a full 40-hour week of classes.


The Case Histories Project work will be completed at the candidate’s convenience over weeks 16-24, at their place of work or other appropriate space to professionally and hygienically perform treatments for quotas and for the project. Additionally, the candidate will write an essay to accompany their case histories, complete course assignments, and study for examinations during this time. While the course allows the candidate more flexibility during this time, the candidate will still require thoughtful time management to complete all course components by the deadlines and be adequately prepared for exams.

During weeks 16-24, the educator will be accessible for questions via email, and candidates will be required to perform two of their quota or case history treatments observed by their educator over a Zoom call for assessment and feedback.




CIDESCO Aromatherapy Massage & Spa Treatment candidates should have a laptop, PC, or Chromebook equipped with Microsoft Word, or Google Docs and PDF-reader, and a functional webcam for lectures and assignments. A laptop, tablet, or cell phone with a webcam and microphone for online practical assessment will also be required. The candidate will also require stable internet connection with adequate bandwidth to accommodate video streaming without interruption. All devices must have Chrome as a web browser.


Candidates must be confident in the operation of their equipment and experience in their use of the internet and computer applications used in this course. Students must have a Gmail account to participate in the online component of this program.



There are three components to the examinations for this course:


  1. Theory MCQ exam (online)
  2. Practical Exam (at South TEI campus)
  3. Case Histories Project (completed outside of class)


After passing examination requirements, Aromatherapy graduates will receive their final CIDESCO diploma after 100 hours of gainful employment experience incorporating aromatherapy. Graduates of the CIDESCO Beauty Therapy diploma are only required to complete 100 hours of theory and practical and course project to qualify to sit for examinations.


*NOTE: For questions regarding order fulfillment, contact The Esthetic Institute via email: [email protected]


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