Allure Activate Bundle

Size: 1 Bundle
Professional Use Only



ABI Dermaceuticals Allure Activate Bundle Includes:

1 – Allure Activate (Red and Blue Light Therapy)
1 – Peppermint Cooling Mask 8 oz
1 – Dark Chocolate Detoxifying Mask 8 oz


Allure Activate Red & Blue Light: Allure Light Therapy utilizes Red and Blue light to naturally combat the signs of aging and blemishes. Our advanced handheld LED system offers high output and quality LEDs to ensure results. The Allure light includes monochromatic Red light and Blue light. The handheld unit is cordless and the battery is capable of delivering up to 45 minutes of use.


Allure Light includes:
1 – Allure light with Red and Blue
1 – Charging cable and charger
1 – Eye protection
1 – Operator/User manual


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