January Content Calendar

It’s January! The beginning of a new year and in this case a new decade. The first month of a new year always feels like an opportunity for a fresh start.

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At the end of the year we reflect on the path we took personally and professionally and ask ourselves what we did well and what needed improvement. Then in January, we make our adjustments and go forth. For many in the esthetic industry, marketing and social media often take a back seat. One way to get ahead of social media early in the year is take a few hours and create a content calendar based on the national days and holidays throughout the year.

Holidays are more well-known than national days. They are usually widely celebrated and may even come with a day off (at least for some people). The great thing about holidays in terms of a marketing calendar, is that they can be leveraged to generate more than one piece of content. Promoting Valentine’s Day services usually begins six weeks before the actual holiday. This is one huge advantage to carving out some time right now to plan. Posting about your products and services ahead of the holiday not only puts you in the buyer’s mind before others, but it also allows your buyers enough time to act on the purchase. When adding holidays to your marketing calendar be sure to plan the beginning of your promotional posts six to eight weeks prior. Then add at least a post a week related to the holiday until the event.

National days are lesser known. They include those quirky 24-hour celebrations that might be seen on a morning segment of a local news channel or a random social media post, like National Doughnut Day. Some of them however are much more significant and are created to spread awareness about a worthy cause, for example National Skin Cancer Awareness Day. Both types create valuable content for your audience. The silly national days are a little more difficult to find. When performing your search review a few different national calendar sources to be sure to collect all the days that make sense to your target audience. Unlike holidays, national days don’t require much advance promotion and may add one or two pieces of content to the calendar.

Content creation can feel overwhelming and like never ending job. Planning activities like this will save time and prevent future headaches. Once your calendar is created, you’ll only need to adjust the dates annually and add new days as needed. Take a few moments in the upcoming week or so to carve out some time and create your annual holiday and national day calendar. Your future self with thank you for it!

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