Is it time to cleanse your Instagram?

Have you heard of Instagram cleansing? It’s basically spring cleaning for a company’s Insta account. This is an essential practice for businesses to ensure that they make the most of their time on the platform.

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The goal of a business page is to connect with potential clients and build relationships that contribute to annual revenue. An Instagram cleanse involves an evaluation of the list of pages a business account follows. Then a purge of accounts that don’t fit their target audience criteria. This is beneficial because it allows them more time to interact with their ideal client and removes any negative or distracting activity. What better time than the beginning of a new decade to start fresh on Instagram?

Like Facebook, Instagram uses an algorithm to help manage the content users are shown. If a user doesn’t interact with a business’s Instagram posts, eventually the algorithm will determine that the posts aren’t of interest and de-prioritize them. Overtime a follower may stop seeing their content altogether. One way to get a business’s name in front of the right people organically is by interacting with their target audience’s posts. Every time a comment is made, or a post is liked, the receiving account is sent a notification with the commenter’s name. The notification at the very least reminds them of the business but hopefully it also encourages them to visit the account and engage with the content. If the Instagram feed is free of clutter, social media managers can logon quickly and show the ideal client some love without wasting too much time scrolling through unnecessary content.

Instagram is a great platform. Not only for businesses but for personal use as well. However, there is a negative side to social media. Not every user’s content is worth viewing especially if it spreads or triggers negativity. When reviewing the pages the business follows ask, “does following this page help the business?” If the answer is no, it is time to click the unfollow button. If it’s an account you really love but doesn’t necessarily benefit your business, give them a follow on using your personal Instagram. Remember, to be efficient on this platform you need to spend your time connecting with new and current clients. Set aside some time this week and review the followers. It’s ok to make changes and decide that unfollowing is in the business’s best interest. It’s time to focus on social media efforts that drive success.

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