Fulvic Acid

Getting to know Fulvic Acid

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Make room on your back bar and retail shelves there’s a new acid in town. Introducing, Fulvic acid, a fresh ingredient that is making waves in the industry. Fulvic acid is unlike traditional acids. It’s neither an alpha hydroxy nor beta hydroxy acid. Cool, right? So, what makes this recently trendy ingredient so exciting… Well it’s a water-soluble acid that has a smaller sized molecule and a unique chemical makeup. This organic compound is formed during the decay of plant material and is responsible for supporting plant growth in soil. In other words, fulvic acid supports cell growth. In addition, it provides needed nourishment and acts as a powerful electrolyte and antioxidant.

Similar to traditional acids, fulvic acid exfoliates skin creating a brighter and glowing complexion instantly. The exfoliation also allows the following ingredients to penetrate more effectively. It’s wide spectrum of action make it an effective element in a variety of condition specific skin care programs.

Aging skin is often ravaged by free radicals. Antioxidant protection is vital to preserve skin and slow the aging process. In addition to inhibiting damage from electron kidnapping, Fulvic acid’s electrolyte properties can help maintain skin’s hydration levels and prevent dryness. This is a major advantage for a remedy aimed at slowing aging.

Acne and other serious skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea can benefit greatly from a routine featuring Fulvic acid. Anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties help manage tough to treat issues. This action combined with its ability to purge heavy metals and toxins supports skin in a multitude of methods.

It’s no surprise why this ingredient is receiving so much attention. Fulvic acid’s ability to impact almost any skin condition affecting any skin tone is truly remarkable. Make sure your back bar is in order and you have saved a space for this obsession worthy acid.

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