Frequency & Reach

Marketing blogs and articles often highlight the challenges of creating content, the importance of planning ahead and the most useful tools and applications needed for success (all important topics of course). However, there are two concepts that deserve a little more of our attention, frequency and reach.

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Reach refers to the number of people who are exposed to your message. Frequency is the number of times an individual is exposed to your message. Imagine having $250 to spend on an advertising campaign. You can either send your message to 100 people one time or 25 people four times. At first, I thought reach was more important than frequency. Thinking the more people exposed to my advertisement or post the better. Hey, the more the merrier, right? Well, only sometimes. If you are closing your business it makes sense to inform all 100 of your customers once, instead of a quarter of them four times. However, there are many more scenarios where the opposite generates better results.

We are exposed to literally hundreds of marketing messages a day. Checking our email, snail mail, browsing Facebook and Instagram, TV commercials, billboards and pop ups are just some of the ways we receive messages. A quick look at the city image below demonstrates the overwhelming amount of marketing we can be exposed to in a short amount of time. We naturally filter out ads as we can only take-in so many in a day, especially with everything else we manage. In this case, repeated exposure to the same message increases the likelihood of response and recognition. As skin care professionals we already know the importance of frequency. (It’s our clients that need the help 😉) Treating troubled skin with a facial once a year will not provide the results that performing twelve facials within a year would.

We all know that one client that thinks after a single facial all their skin issues will be solved. Usually we encounter many of them throughout our career. It’s similar with marketing, sending out one message will not reach everyone frequently enough to stand out and make a difference. Marketing experts recommend a frequency of at least three exposures. I like to plan between four and six communications on several channels at one time, including social and print media.

The most important point to remember is that a balance of frequency and reach is needed to achieve the best results. This is another reason why considering your target audience is essential. Building a focused audience that excludes those who won’t relate to your message allows you to boost your efforts on those that will, resulting in increased efficiency and eventually revenue!

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