Dermaplaning & Edges

Edges are everything in dermaplaning. Ok, not everything –but they are really important to your mid-higher Fitzpatrick clients.

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Edges are everything in dermaplaning.

Ok, not everything –but they are really important to your mid-higher Fitzpatrick clients.

I learned a lot about edges recently at a pre-show certification class we did in Chicago. I love the times when we get to have game changing conversations. This is when I can really add value for you –our followers, create new products and update our training and dermaplaning techniques.

We spent some time that day with some beautiful women learning about edges, how important they are and why a taupe eyeliner is the go to for the pre-dermaplaning consultation.

It’s important to have 3 things when doing your consultation with a client who has edges.

  • Know what edges are (yes, this is the place for that)
  • Mirror to discuss edges
  • Taupe eyeliner to delineate dermaplaning border.

What are edges? Edges are the shorter hair that frames that face. It is not vellus hair. And while it is considered terminal hair, it tends to be finer and typically doesn’t grow as long.

  • After cleansing the prepping your client’s skin for dermaplaning, hand her a mirror and discuss where your dermaplaning borders will be.
  • Use your taupe eyeliner pencil (white looks really bad!) to draw the perimeter line. This is the line you will dermaplane up to but not over. Feel free to hand your client the eyeliner pencil if she would prefer to draw the line herself.
  • Dermaplane up to the line. Once complete, hand your client the mirror again to make sure she is satisfied. Touch up as needed.
  • NuPeel Natural Enzyme will remove the eyeliner, Nourishe Oil and raised yet not removed skin cells. Massage gently and remove with a warm towel (such as our Baby Face Facial Cloths).
  • Be sure to treat skin to a brightening serum which will inhibit PIH. Use of Nourishe Oil eliminates most risk for PIH but the serum is still important. Mask and finishing products complete the service.

We had a lot of fun that day. Our students and staff are so appreciative of the time we spent together discussing edges and how best to dermaplane the face so they are left exactly the way the client wants them.

Article by Candace Jordan of DermaPlanePro

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