TAMA Blue Onyx Pro – Gen 2 with Bonus Items!

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Meet TAMA BlueOnyx, an innovative technology that activates the body’s natural electrical and magnetic currents to detox, lift, tone and infuse the skin tissues for the ultimate face rejuvenation.

TAMA Smart Microcurrent System Pro channels three distinct MetaWave™ modalities. Each waveform delivers a specific electromagnetic field that can be used independently or in combination to deliver superior treatment control, precise treatment targeting, and induces a higher absorption of nutrients.

MetaWave™ Channel Properties:

Relieve + Oxygenate

Rejuvenate + Activate + Stimulate

Lift + Tone + Build

The skin is empowered, restored, with both instant and lasting results.

• No downtime and no sun sensitivity
• Clinically proven state of the art treatments
• Can be added to other treatment for optimum result
• Safe and painless
• No risk of infection or scarring
• Natural-looking results

It’s small. It’s fast. It’s on point, and it can be completed over a lunch break! It’s TAMA.

All TAMA devices are FDA 510(k) Class II certified. TAMA medical equipment manufacturing facility is an FDA-registered site. The devices are designed and manufactured in America in accordance with the highest medical safety and quality control standards. They come with a 3-year warranty, with extended warranty available upon request.

Product Description

TAMA Blue Onyx Pro – Gen 2 Includes:

TAMA BlueOnyx Pro
Single Port
Three Modalities—Detox Wave. Surface Wave. Deep Tissue Wave
User-Friendly Virtual Training and/or Skilled Hands-On Training
TAMA Tablet
TAMA Software
TAMA Client Profile
TAMA Protocols
+ 1 TAMA Enhancer
+ 1 pair of TAMA Massage Pro Gloves
+ 1 set of TAMA Cutaneous Electrodes
TAMA HIGH PERFORMANCE PROFILES (value $250 each): A selection of TWO complimentary TAMA High Performance Profiles developed for targeted area, special profiles to be used as full facial treatment or to be incorporated as targeted add-ons // boosters to any skincare treatment.
You will be able to choose from TAMA’s special profiles list after you have had a chance to review and request download within 2 months of the purchase.


FREE EC Swag Bundle ($95 Value) Includes :

1 – EC Campfire Mug
1 – EC Crystal Bag
1 – EC Key Chain
1 – EC Measure Up Set
1 – EC Skincare Jar Opener
1 – EC Technostar Illuminated Pen
1 – EC Water Bottle
1 – EC Fan Brush

Free US Shipping!!!**

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***$9,500 if financed(2-year interest free for qualified applicants). Financing may not be combined with Free Profiles offer. 2-year interest free is contingent on Customer meeting minimum lending requirements and rate may adjust based on Customer’s credit rating.***