Rezenerate WandPro EC Bling Bundle

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Product Description

WandPro Bundle Includes:

+ 1 premium handheld Rezenerate ‘WandPro’ Cordless (Dual Powered – works cordless or corded! – 3 speeds)
+ Twenty (20) ‘True Blue’ Rezenerate Tips
+ 1 bottle of HyRez Glide (Hyaluronic Acid – 1 oz.)
+ ‘Rezenerate Manual and Facial Protocol’ (Digital Copy – RAP Dropbox)
+ Online training videos and marketing collateral (Digital Copy – RAP Dropbox)
+ Free brochures for in-spa marketing
+ 1 Set of Rezenerate NanoGlobes
+ 1 Silver Rezenerate Storage Case
+ 1 Blue Deluxe Rezenerate Tote Bag
+ 1 EC Campfire Mug
+ 1 EC Crystal Bag
+ 1 EC Key Chain
+ 1 EC Measure Up Set
+ 1 EC Skincare Jar Opener
+ 1 EC Technostar Illuminated Pen
+ 1 EC Water Bottle
+ 1 EC Fan Brush


The Rezenerate NanoFacial ‘WandPro’ System: Is the newest and most popular system, the WandPro gives you the unique benefit of being able to use your Rezenerate WandPro cordless or corded! Get the great versatility of having a cordless unit to make your facials easier, but never worry about battery life as you can simply plug it in and keep going if needed. At a great price, it is the best system to learn quickly and easily and hit the ground running performing amazing Rezenerate NanoFacials. This is the signature Rezenerate product everyone is talking about! Now including the Rezenerate NanoGlobes for an acupressure and cold therapy component to the NanoFacial which is taking ‘Rez’ults to the next level!


Free Shipping!!!**

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