EC CIDESCO CLASS: SMART Sales… It’s More Than Just Your Hands

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1. Select the correct ‘6 Missing Sales Targets’.*
2. Two ways to turbo charge your sales are: 1 – What you say. 2 – What your business looks like.*
3. One area owners must define and set the tone on, is to establish a __________ club.*
4. Three things every therapist/esthetician must sell are: (select 3)*
5. Which Reporter’s Formula can you use to help you stand out in your marketplace?*
6. What ratio did Carol share regarding sales training focus?*
7. One way to stand out from your competition is Be The ________.*
8. Most businesses that are struggling is usually due to a lack of _________.*
9. POD = Point Of Discount*
10. You can’t do a facial 1000% better than your competition, but you can do ________ things 1% better.*
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