EC CIDESCO CLASS: Skin Science and Treatments - Target Your Client’s Biggest Skin Care Concerns

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1. Skin is a composed of?*
2. Collagen provides:*
3. Aged skin shows a decrease in?*
4. What are the causes of Aging Skin?*
5. What is Laminaria Digitata?*
6. Which ingredient offers benefits such as blocking of the melanogenesis process for a bright even skin tone, offers help in protecting the skin against stressors that cause redness, and works to eliminate existing redness and its antioxidant activity that is proven effective against free radicals?*
7. List a few of the firming ingredients:*
8. What is Hemp Seed Oil:*
9. What are the benefits of the LED infrared light?*
10. What can you use to remove dirt, grime, cleanser or peel from the skin?*
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