EC CIDESCO CLASS: Skin Science and Treatment for Sensitive Skin and Rosacea

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1. How many people identify themselves as having hypersensitive skin?*
2. Common afflictions of hypersensitive skin?*
3. What Fitzpatrick scale from 1-6 classifications can be considered a predisposition for Rosacea?*
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4. What are some other contributing factors to Rosacea?*
5. What is the Natural Moisturizing Factor?*
6. What are positive effects of massage therapy?*
7. What eco-cert ingredient is rich in minerals, vitamins, amino acids, phlorotannins and fucoidans, which have been shown to help prevent photoaging, wrinkles, dark spots, and compromised skin barrier?*
8. Which ingredient comes from Chios, Greece, has been a proven and effective, natural remedy for treating disorders, such as redness, inflammation and peptic ulcer?*
9. What are the benefits of Hemp Seed Oil?*
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10. Can you perform microdermabrasion on sensitive or Rosacea skin?*
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