EC CIDESCO CLASS: Cellulite… Facts, Fiction and Treatment Options

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1. Which is the main waste removal system of the body?*
2. Adipocytes are essential for both energy and heat regulation?*
3. What are the mesh-like fibrous connective tissues designed to keep fat cells tightly packed, provide structural support and insulate the body called?*
4. In what stage do the visible signs and lumps associated with cellulite begin to appear?*
5. What is the honeycomb structure created by thick fibers, trapped adipocytes and stagnant fluid known as?*
6. Which hormone plays a large role in the influence of cellulite?*
7. Smoking effects cellulite by which of the following:*
8. Obesity is directly linked to cellulite?*
9. Which type of topical ingredients are known to breakdown excess fat storage?*
10. How are the effects of cryoliplysis achieved by?*
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