Earn $150 In 15 Minutes

Dec 5, 2019

What would you do if you could earn $75 in just 15 minutes in your skincare business? What if you were able to earn a whopping $150 in 15 minutes in your skincare business? We’re sure that you’d jump on the opportunity!

You can now treat The Top 5 Skin Irregularities In A Single Treatment AND earn an amazing amount of additional revenue. You won’t have to change your current treatment menu! You can continue to offer the same services to your clients.

Earn More in 15 Minutes
Imagine being able to earn $100 – $150 for major cities and about $75 – $90 in outlying areas for every 15 minutes of your time as you treat common skin irregularities such as Dark Spots, Cherry Angiomas, Sebaceous Hyperplasia, and so many more.

Well ThermoClear is just that opportunity! In just 15 minutes you can treat several skin imperfections. Certain treatments, such as Sun spots, capillaries and a few other things require a follow up. You can charge for the follow up as well. ThermoClear comes with a lifetime warranty and should last a lifetime . If you’re in a smaller town you can charge $75-$90 but still make a lot of money.

See For Yourself
Not only can estheticians and spa owners earn a great income, they can also improve their clients’ skin which can also improve their confidence in life. Estheticians can make a great living, while helping their clients to live great! Here’s a few reason estheticians love ThermoClear! You can earn extra income because there are many skin irregularities that can be treated with the low radio frequency technology inThermoClear! The results speak for themselves.