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Anna Lotan Pro Makeup Remover Wipes

“Hitting the gym after work? These individually wrapped Makeup Remover Wipes from Anna Lotan Pro are the perfect packable solution. Ultra soft cotton gently removes all traces of makeup while adding nourishing hydration to your skin. They’re also perfect for a quick way to freshen up during or after a flight!”


Anna Lotan Pro Sun Select

“Sunscreen is essential all year and Anna Lotan Pro’s Sun Select is my go to for UV protection. Forget about the white cast associated with mineral sunscreens, this clear and silky sun protectant leaves your skin looking as gorgeous as it did before application. A must-have for me!”


24k Lifting Gold Mask by Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts

“This mask makes me feel like an Arawak Boriken Queen. Pictures don’t do it justices; it looks so beautiful I want to go walk out in public in it. This mask delivers radiant results with the luxurious lift of pure 24k gold. This deeply hydrating and boosting mask will plump, soften and firm the look of the skin for a youth glow.”


Hydropeptide Optimist Radiance Serum Mist

“Hydropeptide has a revolutionary product on its hands with Optimist. This is a all-in-one product that tones, treats, and moisturizes your skin. This high quality, multipurpose product also helps heal a broken skin barrier. I love to see forward-thinking ideas come from skin care companies, and this one is a winner.”


NatPure HydraVita Skin Restoring Gel

“The EC has introduced me to so many products that I rarely get to finish one. So when I finish a full product you know I love it. I just finished my second HydraVita Skin Restoring Gel from NatPure. This super light oil-free anti aging gel rejuvenates, moisturizes, and nourishes. It feels soft and silky and is a daily part of my skincare routine.”


Sahara Rosé hydra rich radiance mist

“With a day like today where I was so busy I barely had a minute to eat a granola bar, I was so happy to have this Sahara Rosé hydra rich radiance mist! I continued to spritz my face in between clients, cleaning & masking. This is such a nice treat for my skin, a nice wake up and helping my skin hydrate with rose petals & hyaluronic acid. “