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Anna Lotan Pro Sun Select Clear Gel SPF

“I can’t get enough of the Anna Lotan Sun Select Clear Gel SPF! It’s so silky on the skin and feels like a makeup primer, plus it’s friendly for all skin tones. A little goes a very long way, it’s my top selling retail item with good reason!”


Bonblissity Sweet & Single Candy Scrub

“These are the perfect add on to any service! They are single use so no double dipping, ever. One square leaves your skin feeling soft, exfoliated and hydrated. Give one to all guests to bring home or incorporate into your manicure or hand treatments.”


NatPure Hydravita Skin Restoring Gel

“A few weeks ago I got pneumonia and the antibiotics were drying out my air sacs & my skin. I turned to Hydravita Skin Restoring Gel. It’s a super light oil-free anti-aging gel that rejuvenates, moisturizes and nourishes the skin.”


Thermoclear System

“For Estheticians looking to help their clientele with skin imperfections, I cannot recommend the Thermoclear systems highly enough! Thermoclear uses low and high radio frequency to rid your clients of a number of visible imperfections. My clients love the instant results. I love the ease of use and the LIFETIME warranty!”


ToGoSpa Rose Gold Eyes

“These micro-infused collagen gel masks are packed with marine plant collagen, HA, Aloe, Vitamins C & E, Rose Extract, and Gold Powder to smooth out fine lines & wrinkles. Rose Gold Eyes provide cool, soothing relief. Especially good for sagging under eyes and dark circles. They are an instant wake me up!”


NatPure Advanced Repair Complex

“I quickly fell in love with this product. It’s packed with antioxidants that are great for anti-aging and skin inflammation. I love the silky feeling as it goes on, it makes my skin feel amazing. Plus, the divine smell makes me happy. Truly a delight for your skin”