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the ec Team Picks

We are proud of our hard-working staff, all with a passion for Beauty and Wellness.

Below find some our EC Team staff members' current favorite products. 


ClearChoice Thermal TCA Brightening Mask

"This Thermal TCA mask is amazing. I have been working on brightening my skin and this was the perfect addition to my routine. It really boosted by brightening results and left my skin feeling incredible. Also, love the gentle warmth that I experienced with the mask, so relaxing."


Prana Bikini Bottom

"Being African American bikini discoloration has always been a concern for me. I’ve used everything on the market and within 2 weeks I notice a significant improvement in the discoloration, texture and overall confidence using this product. The formula is packed with lightening and botanical extracts."


Clinicians Complex Lip Enhancer

"I can’t let go of this product! (not even my empty tubes – Have to have every last drop). It certainly Plumps my pout. Specially formulated to increase the size and color of your lips. Peptides work to increase collagen and hyaluronic acid production, while retinol and vitamin E help protect and rejuvenate lips."


Caviar, Algae & Hyaluronic Mask by Dehaz Skincare

"My pick this month is the Caviar, Algae & Hyaluronic Mask by Dehaz Skincare. I’ve never tried these products before and after witnessing the hydration and plumping my skin experienced, I can’t wait to try more from this clean, botanical line. I love the natural ingredients and amazing scent."


NatPure Detoxifying Mud Mask

"I am LOVING the NatPure Detoxifying Mud Mask. I was VERY oily & it was causing breakouts. The detoxifying ingredients in the mask including Mud from the Dead Sea & Bentonite from volcanic substance left my skin feeling clean and hydrated with their superb cleaning powers!”


abi dermaceuticals

"This exfoliating scrub utilizes aluminum oxide crystals to revive tired, dull, and fatigued skin. This product combines a unique blend of anti-aging ingredients that work synergistically to promote smooth texture, healthy function, and glowing complexion. I love the feeling of the fine crystlas exfoliating my skin!"