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Hale & Hush Relief Bio-Powder 

“I am seriously impressed with the Relief Bio-Powder from Hale & Hush! I have some residual PIE from a laser treatment back in the late 90s, and I’ve struggled with finding a concealer that covers it well. (Plus I just don’t like wearing makeup.) Then I tried this powder, and my mind was blown! Just a little dusting over the red areas and like magic, my skin tone was even and natural looking. It can be dotted on like a spot treatment or mixed in with moisturizer for more overall coverage. It’s versatile, it’s healthy, and safe for sensitive skin. This now has a permanent spot in my self care collection!”


Topical Light Infusion Hyaluronic Peptide Boosting Gel Mask

“Here is a new favorite of mine for my back bar usage with my Lightwave LED system. For a VIP experience I use my topical light infusion option over this Hyaluronic mask for plumping and firming the skin. Clients are loving their results!”


Wicked Earth Mana Mist

“Wicked Earth Mana Mist provides toning for your skin, but also helps to strengthen the skin barrier with benzoic acid. Redness and irritation are reduced and your skin is left properly prepped for the next step in your skincare routine. As a bonus, I love the tropical scent!”



“This is by far my best investment made in 2022. It’s been on my list for over 5 years. I wish I would have taken the plunge years ago. I needed a device that would help clients with skin imperfections such as skin tags, milias, capillaries, Cherry anginomas, sebaceous hyperplasia etc. but also be able to treat all Fitzpatrick scales, and of course the lifetime warranty was a no brained.”


MBK Lifting Hyaluron Cell Mask

“This lifting cell mask is an anti-aging booster thanks to its ionized active ingredients (triple hyaluronic acid and microcollagen). After using your skin will appear radiant and refreshed. It can be used with any Ultrasonic or Microcurrent device for even better results perfect to use with devices like the MBK Glo or Eye Rejuvenator.”


ABI dermaceuticals Skin Perfecting Retinol Serum

“I love this hydroquinone free retinol serum. I’ve been using this in the evening to help with anti aging and the slight pigment I have around my eyes. I really like the way it goes on and the fact that I don’t get irritated when I use it.”