Business Building During COVID-19

We are only a few months into 2020 and life as we know it has completely changed. In a growing number of states schools are closed, only essential stores are open, and many of us have been required to stay home. Needless to say, professional facials and spa treatments are basically on hold until we can flatten the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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This situation has left countless estheticians and industry professionals, who rely on a continuous flow of clients to keep their business and livelihoods afloat, out of work. It may seem like we are powerless but there are still things within our control. Typically, there is little time for business building and marketing planning between clients, laundry, and life. While the lack of customers isn’t ideal, let’s capitalize on this extra time and build our businesses.

There is no time like the present to evaluate and increase your social media activity. Before planning take these two general points into consideration. The first is that it’s vital that your social media activity supports your brand messaging. The second is to post a variety of valuable content. It is necessary to promote your business; however, promotions should be no more than one third of your content. So, what should you be posting? It’s a good practice to share articles and useful information that relate to you, your target audience and your services. The possibilities are endless. An all-natural spa for example may share information about plant healing, gardening, and nature bathing. While a luxury spa may focus on ultimate relaxation, extravagant events, and deserved indulgences. The goal is to keep your audience interested and engaged with your posts.

An attractive and unique service menu is an effective way to stand apart from your competition. Evaluate your services, your local competitor’s, and the services of your favorite spa. Identify areas where you can fill a void or serve a niche audience. In addition to capitalizing on gaps and missed markets, consider crafting custom treatments, and developing exclusive protocols. Creating experiences only performed by you or at your location will help ensure repeat customers and attract new business. These types of services also command a premium price and make it difficult for potential clients to price shop.

Finally, whether it’s your book or your business, plan a celebration to mark your reopening! It’s important to remember that consumers may be slow to spend as the nation returns to work. At the same time, everyone will be craving to reunite with their favorite places and products. Be sure to have service options at all different price points. Some consumers will be ready to pamper themselves no matter what the cost. Others just won’t have the financial bandwidth. Providing an option for them to enjoy a small treat will keep them connected to your business.

The current state of the nation is not ideal and mostly out of our control. However, we can control how we build our business and utilize this forced time off. Increasing social media presence, evaluating and updating treatment menus, and planning business or book reopening are all ways to ensure your spa makes a splash once quarantine is over and COVID-19 is a memory. Stay positive, stay busy, and support each other. We are all in this together!

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