Our Mission

Wicked Earth is focused on wellness for people and the planet. We aspire to reconnect humanity with nature by providing earth-centric CBD skin and well-being products that heal and enhance our skin, mind and bodies while spreading environmental awareness and restoring Mother Earth.


Our Philososphy

Wicked Earth's philosophy for health, including skincare, is centered around a return to the earth. We believe everything is connected: me, you, the trees, the oceans, the air and all that lies in between. We have the tools within us (us = our bodies, mind, and planet) to heal and thrive. We focus on using natural products and ingredients to improve ourselves and our communities. By incorporating earth-based ingredients and modalities we take positive steps toward healing the planet and its inhabitants and a portion of every sale is given back to the earth via donation. We are committed to sustainability and holistic health education and strive to serve our customers through highly effective products and impeccable customer service.

Part of this objective is providing the highest quality, earth-centric skincare and wellness products, including the initial launch of our broad spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD) skincare products.



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