The Esthetic Institute (TEI) was founded in 2009 in Calgary, Alberta. Our exclusive training center was established with the mission and intent to become Canada’s premier leading esthetic and spa educational academy. Our goal was to raise the bar nationally and set the benchmark in every aspect of our facilities. By choosing to focus solely on training in esthetics, we put every effort into offering aspiring and experienced Estheticians the highest standard of training by professional and qualified educators. TEI is a post secondary education facility, with licensed and accredited programs. We have two campuses in Alberta; South and North Calgary.

In 2016, TEI was approved to offer the esteemed, internationally recognized CIDESCO Program of Esthetics. This 9 month, full-time diploma program opens a world of opportunity for our graduates. Successful completion of the program will provide graduates with a global passport to work worldwide in the most luxurious spas, resorts and cruise lines. TEI is among only three schools in Canada to offer this prestigious diploma program. (

TEI currently offers seven esthetic programs and over 70 certifications in beginner and advanced esthetics. Our expert educator team consists of more than 20 specialized instructors who collaboratively bring our students a unique and diverse learning experience. These individuals bring a wealth of knowledge with acclaimed credentials as well as passion, enthusiasm and a love for teaching and sharing their knowledge.

Not only do our students build a solid foundation of knowledge and become confident in the practical application of Esthetics, they are also introduced to advanced practices, like holistic and Medical Esthetics, allowing them to specialize in the aspect of esthetics they find most rewarding. Upon completion of training, TEI students will enter the industry feeling motivated, excited and confident in their knowledge and skills and will have a notable, competitive edge allowing for an effortless transition into a salon or spa.

What makes us unique? Not only do we continuously strive to offer stellar training in our curriculums, we always look for ways to be trendsetting, innovative and efficient.

We also believe in giving back to our community. We regularly donate to women in need, mentor women of all ages by offering complimentary workshops and services and have an Education Scholarship Fund. TEI is also a sponsor for Gems for Gems; a not for profit organization helping women who are victims of domestic abuse.

The Esthetic Institute has opened the doors to many and continues to offer a new world of opportunity to aspiring and experienced Estheticians. Expanding your current services or looking for a career change, The Esthetic Institute is your premier choice!