The sea is essential to life; it contains trace elements and minerals that are indispensable to the body’s well-being. It naturally confers its benefits on the skin. The marine environment provides an endless source of wealth and inspiration for THALAC cosmetic laboratory, which continues to  explore Marine Science to develop new cosmetic formulations.


The source is the Mediterranean Sea, birthplace of seawater therapy

THALAC cosmetic laboratory is located on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, in an unspoiled setting. This geographical and historic location has enabled THALAC to draw on the wealth of the sea firstly by selecting marine extracts and secondly by joining forces with therapy centers renowned for their expertise.


Marine active ingredients, beauty treasures

Blue green algae, marine plants, Mediterranean Sea salt, marine elastin, collagen and marine DNA have been carefully selected by the THALAC brand for skin defense, protection and regeneration qualities. Associated with refreshing, creamy and delicately perfumed textures, they enable THALAC cosmetics to offer effectiveness and well-being for visible and lasting results, which are  recognized in beauty institutes and spas in France and throughout the world.


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