TAMA Research Corporation was founded in 2011 by a group of engineers and researchers with a passion for holistic methods toward health and beauty. Over 60 years of combined experience in Biomedical / Electrical Engineering disciplines, and their unique expertise in microcurrent techniques, enabled them to design a Microcurrent system that is effective, portable, and easy to use. They produced the TAMA App™ in conjunction with Facial Matrix™ and offered a truly unique and intelligent Microcurrent system known as the Blue Onyx. TAMA’s patented technology has bridged the gap between science, health and beauty.

Explanation of the TAMA Logo

TAMA logo unveils the origin, philosophy and mission of the company.

  • TAMA is the acronym for Therapeutic Advanced Microcurrent Appliances
  • The letters T, A, M, A are intertwined in the shape of a butterfly, representing transformation
  • In Electrical Engineering the Greek letter ? stands for micro and the letter i is the symbol for electrical current. These two letters representing microcurrent are placed at the base of the logo – the foundation upon which our company is built – providing support for the whole organization. The red dot on the i is at the heart of the butterfly, looking forward – representing TAMA’s forward-thinking and research oriented philosophy.

TAMA Research