"Over two decades ago, our founders revolutionized the medical industry with several successful businesses, keeping quality assurance and high-performance results in mind. Their goal has consistently been to invent, develop and bring groundbreaking, affordable products to the healthcare industry—always with the focus on improving clinical results for patients in need. We offered what no one else had, and that’s the legacy and pride of our company.

Our unique products not only helped patients and caregivers for years but also created a higher level of medical care throughout the country. As a result, our company has always been far ahead of the industry’s learning curve, thus establishing our founders as the primary authorities on innovative technology.

Now, recognizing that our products had applications far beyond hospital walls, we started to explore the benefits of bringing our know-how to the consumer marketplace. Our patented technologies are already revolutionizing the pillow market. However, our litmus test has never been whether our products were good enough to sell, but whether they were great enough to offer to a loved one."

- Spry