"Founded in 2005 under the dynamic marketing company Inspired Sciences, LLC, Spa Revolutions stands at the forefront of innovation in naturally self-heating skin care, beauty, and wellness products for distributors and spa professionals worldwide.

Spa Revolutions PerfectSense Professional and Lava Shell are made up of self-heated tools for hand, foot, body, and massage care that use long lasting, electricity-free heat to offer unparalleled convenience and quality of treatment. Patented delivery systems optimize skin care and massage treatments for ease of use and effective results.

The flagship line of Spa Revolutions is Perfectsense Paraffin, the only safe and sanitary single-use paraffin treatment found in premium spas and exclusive salons. In addition to PerfectSense Paraffin, Spa Revolutions product portfolio includes massage tools that utilize their patented, natural, self-heating technology. This patented formula combines a natural blend of materials to create a self-heating technology that is designed to deliver heat over a much longer period, resulting in blissful warmth that lasts as long as you need for any spa treatment.

Spa Revolutions continues to research and develop products that raise the bar for quality, convenience, and safety in the spa industry."

- Spa Revolutions