I’ve been in the makeup industry for over 25 years, and I’ve been doing work with some of the biggest movie stars in the industry.

One of the most prevalent issues that kept coming up was trying to get rid of chest wrinkles caused by sleeping on one’s side, the sun and just plain gravity.

If a scene called for a movie star to be in a bikini or a low cut dress, I had my hands full trying to get rid of these wrinkles. I had used silicone quite extensively in mold making and prosthetic application, and I noticed how the use of silicone had healing and softening properties when used directly on scars. With more research, I found that Silicone gel sheeting was being used to heal Keloid scarring. I wondered if I could use silicone to treat wrinkles as effectively.

So after experimenting with silicone, I developed my first prototype of the Decollette Pad, made specifically for the chest area. I used absolutely no fillers or adhesives so that my product could be used on the highly sensitive chest (décolletage). Once I tested this thoroughly, I was extremely pleased that I had made a product that was easy to use, lasted a long time and is non-invasive. Best of all, it cost a fraction compared to using surgical alternatives.

Now I’m very happy to say that my anti-wrinkle pads are being used all over the world by people who want to look great and feel extraordinary!

– Camille Calvet

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