"Seoul Mama's is committed to creating more beauty in this world. We will give 5% of profits to Non-profits that support women and children at risk.

Geri Cope


I am wife and mom of four kids and one little yorkie. We have a busy household and love to take our kids to see the world and experience different cultures and meet people. I’ve been in the financial services industry for almost twenty years. This summer traveling to Korea to adopt our 4th child, I met my business partner Yuny through our adoption agency. She was our volunteer tour guide. She gave us recommendations of restaurants, things to see and do in Seoul.

Soyun Choi


Yuny is truly our secret weapon from Korea. Based in Seoul and armed with a love for beauty and quality Korean skincare products, Yuny works directly with our manufacturers and is instrumental in product curation and development.  Yuny is a world traveler, and has lived in the US and Shanghai.  She also has an export business, and can occasionally be found entertaining late-night crowds in Seoul as a DJ."

- Seoul Mamas