"PLUSH Anesthetics was created for the beauty professional to provide the best and strongest OTC topical anesthetics. We offer not only this superior topical anesthetic we also are a resource for education and application of topical anesthetics. PLUSH anesthetics is available to any professional that is in need of high quality effective products to provide comfort to clients during procedures.


-Permanent Cosmetics artists

-Medical Spa


-Tattoo Artists

Plush topical anesthetics was created by Dawn Hunter and Medical Advisor Dr David Santos. This creation combines the best from medical, pharmaceuticals and esthetics.

"I felt we really needed something better to serve out PMU techs and clients. With 10 years experience as a medical spa director and PMU trainer I felt with Plush we can bridge this gap in topical anesthetics. I am very proud of our product"-Dawn Hunter, Master Esthetician/PMU Founder of Plush Anesthetics

In addition PLUSH is in a proprietary base that crosses the bi-lipid layer allowing faster and more effective penetration.

-PLUSH Anaesthetics