Oro24Karat – The Gold Standard of Skincare – was founded by 2 skincare specialists (and good friends) with many years of experience in the global beauty industry (mainly within the category of super-luxury, very high-end skincare). These 2 founders realized that exotic skincare treatments such as 24k gold facials generate amazing anti-aging results and becoming a global trend mainly because many celebrities have been documenting themselves at luxury spas worldwide experiencing new and innovative beauty trends and post the results on social media. GOLD facials was the buzz word in LA, Miami, and NY. At the same time, these 2 founders who share a strong passion to cater to all those who want to look and feel their best, realized that these kind of trendy skincare treatments (gems, 24k gold, Diamonds, and so on) are usually affordable only to the rich and famous who can afford to spend a few hundred dollars at the spa or at an exclusive beauty boutique.


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