Oncology Spa Solutions® was founded by Becky Kuehn who is:

  • Licensed Master Esthetician and Cosmetologist (since 1982)
  • Certified Hope Coach
  • Certified Holistic Cancer Educator
  • NCEA Certified
  • Author of Life Changing Esthetics®
  • Creator of the Oncology Esthetics-USA training program

Becky started her journey in 1978 when she was diagnosed with a rare form of uterine cancer. She will never forget the day she received the call from her Doctor with the news. The sense of fear was overwhelming, as she wondered the purpose, the life lesson and would she live to have the children she always wanted?

A cancer diagnosis changes a person forever – forming her into the person she is today. She watched the impact it had on her husband and family as they traveled the journey with her. She found solace in God and her favorite scripture, Philippians 4:13 to get her through this part of life’s journey.

In each of the Life Changing Esthetics® training classes, you will learn from the life lessons she learned, the success in the two hospital programs she created (which have now turned into 22 locations in the US that have Oncology-Trained Estheticians, Cosmetologists or Massage Therapists.)

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Oncology Spa Solutions