"Moxie Sugar is used exclusively at Moxie Med Spa in Lakewood, CO. Moxie Med Spa has been in business since 2006, starting as a small 2 room waxing studio. Through the years Moxie has grown to a full-scale med spa. We moved to a new bigger location in 2015 and continue to grow and expand every year and are the #1 sugar waxing studio in Colorado.

Moxie Sugar Wax is used exclusively at Moxie Med Spa and has generated a large following. Every day we are converting men and women to our natural hair removal sugar wax, and the response has been outstanding. We have won many awards for our services, products, and training using Moxie Sugar Wax. We only use sugar wax at Moxie and do not offer traditional or hard wax.

Moxie Sugar Wax has grown in popularity and the demand for this product is high. Many salons, spas, and waxing parlors throughout the United States use Moxie Sugar. We offer certified training for individuals, groups, and schools. Moxie Sugar is available through wholesale and distribution at Freeman Salon Systems in Colorado.

Moxie Sugar Wax is made and manufactured in Colorado by Ronica Kirwin, owner of Moxie Med Spa, and Moxie Sugar, along with her husband, Matt. Together they use only top quality lemon juice, water, and sugar to ensure the highest quality of product and never adding fillers, dyes, perfumes or essential oils. Moxie Sugar is cruelty-free and is not, nor will ever be, tested on animals.

Moxie Sugar has grown quite large over the years and is proud to be a small business in Colorado. We would love to be part of your business!"

-Moxie Sugar Wax