"Quality + Concentration = Result

A simple recipe, the best anti-aging molecules & the highest concentrations.

Made in Quebec, the identity of Mériance Collagène is in the luxury and the upscale. Apply a Mériance care on your skin, it is to offer you a moment of pure pleasure, with guaranteed results.

Mériance redefines the notion of cosmetics by offering the greatest number and the highest concentration of anti-aging molecules in each bottle. With record levels of active anti-aging ingredients, Mériance goes above and beyond industry standards. All in formulas developed under dermatological control.

Mériance is a range that does not compromise on these products. These are all made without exception from noble and natural ingredients.

High-performance products, refined, luxurious and non-superficial.

An anti-aging complex, powerful antioxidants and a rich marine collagen combine to energize, protect and renew the skin. Bold anti-aging treatments, as intense as the ocean itself.

Most of Mériance's treatments are fragrance-free. The care containing (day cream) contain very discreet perfumes. High-performance products, refined, luxurious and non-superficial.

The textures of the products are silky and pleasant to the touch. They are quickly absorbed by the skin without leaving any trace of shine or residue."

- Mériance