A crazy idea!

There was once an Italian who left his country to come to study in France: Letters, Law, Medicine ... (up to 35 years). H. Pierantoni - it was her name - met a Beautician, a pioneer at the time and visionary, he saw a world filled with women, who would devote their energy to beautify others and bring them well-being.

He had just found his vocation ...
In January 1952, he created a magazine for a profession that practically did not exist: Les Nouvelles Esthétiques. It was daring, at the time it was taken for a madman, it was difficult, it was strewn with many pitfalls, but he held good, he "knew" that one day Aesthetics would be a very great profession .

From 4 to 200 Pages!

 4 black and white pages in 1952. The Aesthetic News has evolved well over the years. In December 1976, the first picture appears in color: it is unique. Just like the gigantic format of this magazine.
It will be necessary to wait until 1991 to abandon it in favor of a smaller format.
Similarly, it will be necessary to wait until 1992 to have a magazine entirely in colors!
In 1996, the last major change: it adopts an even more practical format (it's the one you have today), a high-end paper, more photos.

So, quickly, H.Pierantoni no longer appeared as crazy but as a visionary. Every magazine and every Congress has only confirmed it. For more than 60 years, Les Nouvelles Esthétiques spa has a head start!

When we look at how far we have come, we are proud to note that Les Nouvelles Esthétiques spa is not only a professional journal but also a press organ that has a considerable influence on the profession of Beauticians in France and around the world: we gave it its nobility (at the time, the profession had no authority),
we have changed her teaching, and we have given Estheticians the desire to learn and improve,
we avoided him to pass into the hands of other professions (hairdressers, physiotherapists ...),
we have always defended it against all predators, we gave it life with our congresses ...
Today, 25 editions (soon even more) are published all over the world, with the same objective: to be the best body of formation and information of Estheticians.

It is beautiful the road traveled and the saga of the Aesthetic News is not ready to stop!"

-Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa