"It all started in a spa.

Before Joovv was a thing, eventual cofounders Melissa and Liz purchased red light therapy packages and noticed some dramatic results with skin troubles like eczema, age spots, and stretch marks. But they learned quickly that the key to red light therapy is consistency, which can be tough—and expensive—when you have to visit a facility 4-5 times per week.

Because of those challenges, Melissa decided to experiment with at-home red light therapy, but found that many of the standard devices on the market were too small or underpowered. So she asked her husband, Justin, an engineer, to try his hand at building a better light therapy device—something strong enough to deliver clinical-level results, but easy enough to use at home.

Liz and her husband, Scott, brought their marketing expertise to the table and together—along with Justin and Melissa—started researching the science behind photobiomodulation, the technical term for light therapy. The goal: pinpoint exactly how it generates such amazing health benefits. Over the course of several months, they discovered that a truly effective light therapy device needs to deliver a specific range of therapeutic wavelengths along with the right amount of power.

This kind of product—a full-body device with medical-grade power—didn’t exist. So the four founders decided it was time to bring Joovv to life!

And after months of more research and failed prototypes, the first Joovv was born. The initial response was overwhelming—it was clear that lots of people in the health and fitness world had been waiting for an effective light therapy device they could use whenever they’d like.

The New Joovv
We always knew Joovv could be even better—and now it is. We listened to feedback from those original customers and continued educating ourselves on the science of light therapy. With the ability to easily link multiple units plus nearly unlimited ways to mount your device, the completely redesigned Joovv makes it even easier to build the ideal light therapy system for your individual goals.

Joovv has come a long way—but the journey isn’t over yet. Melissa says it best: “We couldn’t be more excited to see what the future holds for Joovv and the customers we serve!”"