"The success story of Janssen Cosmetics started with the vision of creating care products that go beyond those products already available on the cosmetics market! Company founder Walther Janssen set out in search of highly efficient active ingredients that go beneath the skin and promise more than the superficial skincare that was the norm until that point. Providing great results right down to the deepest layers of the skin was the challenge faced by Janssen Cosmetics in 1990.

A symbiosis of pharmaceutical and cosmetic active ingredients form the basis of today's Janssen Cosmetics care products and make the transition from true beauty to scientifically sound skincare an easy one. Only active ingredients with convincing visible and tangible results and high skin tolerability are used in the care products of Janssen Cosmetics.

Thanks to close cooperation with esteemed dermatologists and leading research laboratories, JANSSEN COSMETICS has succeeded in creating system care products that meet the skin’s diverse needs perfectly. Each cosmeceutical series is based on an active ingredient concept that is perfectly tailored to various skin types and achieves immediate and long lasting skin improvement.

Today, the product range from Janssen Cosmetics includes more than 250 commercial and treatment products for your beauty cabinet. Whether it be deep impact cosmeceutical products, premium luxury care or relaxing wellness rituals – Janssen Cosmetics leaves no wish unfulfilled!

We place the highest value on quality and skin tolerability. All products bear the “Made in Germany” quality seal and have been awarded TÜV certification. From extracting the raw materials through to processing and bottling the product – at Janssen Cosmetics, every step in our quality management process is meticulously controlled and documented. The latest active ingredient complexes, processing techniques, and research results will be promptly reviewed and considered for new developments.

Outstanding commitment pays off! In recent years, we have been awarded many prestigious awards, one of which was being named COMPANY OF THE YEAR in Miami in 2011. Janssen Cosmetics has also won the “Prix de l’Innovation” innovation prize for new products 5 times in a row in the cosmetics capital of Paris."