"Some call it a miracle, we call it results.

Prophecy Cream is a breakthrough intensely hydrating and rejuvenating facial cream that effectively prevents and reverses the clinical manifestations of aging skin. It is based on scientifically proven multi-sized micronized hyaluronic acid molecules that penetrate deeply into ALL skin layers. It ensures enhanced therapeutic benefits more than any other hyaluronic acid based product known in the international cosmetic industry today. Prophecy Cream is based on a trailblazing scientific research conducted by the Chemistry Department and Faculty of Engineering at Bar- Ilan University

Formula Benefits & Uniqueness:

The Challenge:

Cosmetic manufacturers still face unresolved challenges in regards to HA molecules which

  • Are too big to effectively penetrate the deeper layers of the skin.
  • Can merely provide good hydrating capabilities and not much more than that.
  • Can not successfully remain micronized while sufficiently preserving their chemical characteristics; as they absorb hydration, they are unavoidably “inflated” back to their original big size upon contact with water (even after being micronized to a size of 50kDa) as early as in the manufacturing process and even before being placed inside the cream."

- Hava Zingboim Cosmeceuticals