"We are dedicated to helping you build brand loyalty, repeat business and to providing the highest quality, premium formulations and active ingredients to your customers.  

Beauty business visionary, licensed esthetician, skincare educator and formulating genius, Ellen Clark is renowned throughout the clinical skincare and spa business whether it be a luxury resort, self-employed esthetician or a physician's medi-spa.

As a young woman, Ellen initially became interested in esthetics because of her own skin problems, vowing to help others like herself. Spas as we know them today did not exist, and in the 1980s, Ellen was one of the first pioneering entrepreneurs to open skincare clinics in multiple locations.

Ellen always wanted to create a skincare line, and had considerable experience with formulas that were custom made for her clinics. She sold her business, and launched Control Corrective Skincare Systems, a comprehensive collection based professional skincare line.

After numerous requests for custom formulations and private label options, Global Beauty was started.
Ellen speaks nationally, and offers private consulting to spa owners of all sizes."

- Global Beauty