"Elaine sterling is a true visionary and innovator within the spa and skin care industry. Having worked with clients and their skin issues for many years, she created a truly supportive cosmeceutical skin care line that would uphold the integrity of the skin. In order for a skincare line to be the most effective, it has to start from a place of healing and correcting; “First do no harm”. Our products do not contain common irritants including fragrances, dyes, and parabens. We leave out excessive ingredients, and only keep what is essential to rescue restore, and regenerate the skin.

Many of our active ingredients work as anti-inflammatory agents, to reduce irritation. Our line is bursting with powerful actives, peptides and botanical extracts. The perfect solution for all skin types and conditions that can be utilized pre and post procedure or as a maintenance regime to restore your skin. Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, uva ursi, acai extract, and peptides are just some of the unique ingredients in the Elaine Sterling Skincare line that work with the skin to stimulate growth and rehabilitation."

- Elaine Sterling Skincare