"Garrett Werner, the creator and founder of Beautigenix™, began his career in the spa industry as an esthetician until the corporate side of skincare captured his talent. He worked for major brands in product development and sales, then later transitioning into the luxury fashion industry as a leading executive in the Asia market.

Garrett's entrepreneurial spirit, passion for skincare and experience in the luxury market gave birth to Beautigenix™; a revolutionary skincare collection that is innovative, luxurious, utilizes leading edge science, and natural botanical ingredients.

He knew there was a need for a single step intense facial treatment that would take little time, travel well and yeild visible results to common skin aging issues. His idea was a facial mask to be applied and removed with no fuss, no frills, and no gimmicky potions - and most importantly one that utilized the latest developments in the science of reparative biotechnology. With this concept, Beautigenix™ was born!

Any Esthetician knows, "ingredients are only as good as the formulation". It was Garrett's keen awareness of the strides that were being made in the area of human stem cell research, as well as the growing consumer awareness and acceptance of human stem cell technology, that put him on the forefront of this cutting-edge approach to skincare. He and his team of medical professionals became the architects of this premier facial mask that includes his unique serum of Human Stem Cell Culture ™ (HSCC™), unlike any other on the market today.

The ground breaking science behind the Beautigenix™ formulation is the first of it's kind in the world, and remains so to this day.

- Beautigenix