Aviva Labs is rooted in science. We aren’t simply pretending to know chemistry and stirring together ingredients in our basement or kitchen hoping they work. We understand DHA formulations better than anyone on earth, as demonstrated by our continuing innovation in the sunless tanning industry. In fact, Aviva Labs was founded as a spin-off from a successful biotech company. Aviva Labs created the perfect solution based in science and in with health in mind. Our company motto, Beauty Today. Health for Life.™ reflects our unwavering focus on health. I am truly proud that so many dermatologists recommend us over other sunless brands because we make the world’s healthiest spray tan solution. Trust You don’t have time to research all the ingredients in every product you use. I understand that just like me, you are busy running your business. You are focused on delivering the best experience to your clients so that you keep the ones you have and continue to win first-time clients. This makes it hard for you to separate fact from fiction. And unfortunately, there is a LOT of fiction from sunless tanning solution sellers. Let me assure you that with Aviva Labs, what you see is what you get. Our products perform better than any other sunless solution on the market, every time, period. You’re going to get real, honest answers based on real-life testing in our R&D lab. Every Aviva Labs product is made in our own production facility so we have complete control over quality, consistency, and performance—so you can rely on perfect products every single time. COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE Most sunless solution companies spend more money on marketing than on their sunless solution. They scrimp and use really cheap ingredients that don’t perform well. That’s not us. My attitude is that if we can’t be the best at what we do, we’re not going to do it at all. Yes, we are not the cheapest solution. But I am proud that we will never compromise on ingredients, quality, or performance—there’s just too much at stake in helping you win and keep customers for life. Cheap products don’t make your business boom—great service and great products do. Our commitment to excellence means your business will always be growing when you use Aviva Labs solution FOCUS ON CUSTOMER SUCCESS Other companies might just try to sell you a bunch of sunless solutions, trying to get your money, without figuring out what you really need. That’s not Aviva Labs. We take the responsibility to help make you successful. We are your success advocate, constantly consulting with you to figure out what you need and sharing our extensive business experience and wisdom. Often making your business successful can be hard and can take a long time if you have to figure everything out yourself. Plus it may cost you too much money. With Aviva Labs, you are never alone. We’ve simplified everything down to an easy-to-follow system. From the world’s first spray tanning academy to a dozen different types of marketing materials to an online forum we’ve designed for you to get help from your peers—you can feel confident you will always have the support you need. We have a proven track record helping thousands of spray tanning professionals to achieve remarkable success. Try us, and we’ll help you, too.


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