The Difference Between Microcurrent & Radiofrequency

You asked and we heard you! There has been much discussion on what exactly the differences are between the effects of microcurrent treatment and radio frequency treatment. In this blog we'll share a brief summary of each treatment, and give a quick comparison of the two!

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What is Radio Frequency?

Radio Frequency is a type of energy which is measured in “frequency”, or wavelengths per second. This is in the same category as sound waves that your iphone emits, sunlight, or wifi signals. They are all classified as being a part of the “electromagnetic spectrum”.

Radio Frequency has the capacity to produce heat. What this treatment does is actually heating the skin’s deeper layers to induce new collagen and elastin production. This process ultimately encourages cell turnover. It is used to tighten the skin and the results do take a few days to see with the naked eye. The technology and treatment is much more non-invasive than laser treatments.

What is Microcurrent?

Microcurrent is a low level of electrical current that mimics the body’s natural current. This technology helps re-educate the facial muscles to shorten or to lengthen. With microcurrent you will be able to lift sagging skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, lift droopy eyelids and improve the tone and texture of the skin. Your clients can often see instant results, though microcurrent treatments are traditionally completed in a series and require some upkeep (like any exercise you’d do to maintain healthy muscles). It is a cumulative treatment.

Compare & Contrast

Skincare guru Joanna Vargas summarizes the difference between microcurrent and radio frequency as follows: “microcurrent works to stimulate facial muscles and cellular metabolism. And Radio Frequency greatly improves elasticity and collagen production.”


  • Radio frequency works to tighten the skin
  • Microcurrent works to tighten the muscle
  • Radio frequency produces heat to stimulate new collagen and elastin production
  • Microcurrent is sub-sensory and should not be felt as it re-educates the facial muscles
  • Radio Frequency uses electric current to produce a supervised heat “injury”, resulting in a reaction from the body.
  • Microcurrent uses electric current to mimic the body’s natural process

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